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Safety is our Priority

As an ambulatory surgery center that follows strict licensing, accreditation and patient safety standards to ensure our patients receive the highest quality and safest care, we are deeply concerned by the recent stories that called out patient tragedies to undermine a proven healthcare service in order to gain viewership and readers.

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Colon Cancer Awareness Month 2018: Everything You Need to Know

Colorectal cancer may not be at the top of your list of topics for casual conversation with family or friends. However, if you understand the importance of colorectal cancer prevention and choose to talk about it, you could help save the life of someone you love.

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You’re Never Too Young for Colon Cancer

Most people assume that colon cancer only affects the elderly, but this is not true. According to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, 10 percent of all new colon cancer patients are under the age of 50. 

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